What God has done for me He can do for you

June 19, 2017

I wasn’t raised in a Christian home. As a boy, I was sent to Sunday School, but once a teenager I chose to ‘do my own thing’. I started using drugs at thirteen. By fifteen, there weren’t any drugs available that I hadn’t done, including using needles. At first, I did things I wanted to do,

Tabernacle Model Brochure

May 19, 2017

Please download the .pdf  brochure  to share information about the Large  Model Tabernacle presentation with your friends, Pastors, church elders, conference organizers, or camp directors.

The Tabernacle: A Picture of “Good Things to Come”

May 19, 2017

Tabernacle Primer TABERNACLE LARGE MODEL DISPLAY · Thursday, February 16, 2017 The Tabernacle A Picture of “Good things to Come” A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words The tabernacle was a sacred tent where God’s presence dwelt among Israel as they journeyed through the desert from Egypt to their promised land. As a tent (unlike