Randy Amos teaching

This large tabernacle model began with an idea that grew out of a camp with young people. Believers from different local churches constructed tabernacle “furniture” out of cardboard.  A skilled carpenter said, “I think I can do better” and the idea was then crafted into reality – a large scale model of the tabernacle in the wilderness that would be light, sturdy, and portable.

Over the years it has been a combined effort of several people and pieces have been added such as better curtains and hangings, life sized animals and various components that enhance the display. Others have contributed with upkeep and maintenance as well as a new trailer to house and transport the display.

For over ten years Randy Amos and his wife Sylvia used the large model to teach and preach the truths connected with “God’s house in the wilderness”.  With Sylvia organizing the set up and take down, loading and unloading, and Randy doing the teaching and preaching, they used the large model wherever invited and where space would allow. Anticipating a move to the northwestern United States sometime around 2011, Randy approached Larry Price about the possibility of entrusting the large model to him. Larry eagerly yet apprehensively accepted.

This large model of the tabernacle has been in many parts of the United States, in Canada and even in two different islands of the Bahamas! It has been in church buildings, indoor flea markets, school auditoriums, a hockey rink and camps. It has even been set up in a covered outside tent.

The hope is to continue to use this large model tabernacle to proclaim and illustrate God’s truth and to help others see the beauty and value of Christ in His person and work through the use of this unique model.

Randy Amos meeting flyer